Any questions?

Over the many years I’ve been practising, I’ve have been asked many questions! I’ve compiled a list of the most common ones below. If you have a query that isn’t answered in the list, please get in touch and I will do my utmost to answer it.

Dependent on the area of your body that you need assessing either a vest top for females and for both males and females shorts or loose fitting trousers.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I have a BSc HONS in Physiotherapy which allows me to work independently to assess and treat patients. I have the skills to recognise conditions that require other medical opinions e.g referring on to an orthopaedic or neurological consultant.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I have to maintain my skills with regular training to retain my membership to the HCPC board.

Initial assessments cost just £40 and follow ups are £40.

Assessment is usually 45 mins and will involve a full history taking then a full objective examination.

Following this I can give a diagnosis and a better idea of types of treatment and how many sessions will be needed.
Your assessment usually allow time for treatment to occur immediately ( only restricted if complex long histories are given).

The phrase “no pain, no gain” is a common phrase used in any hands on therapy. As a skilled physiotherapist I can assess the level of pain I can allow – some therapy can be painful but it is always to used to relieve pain in the long term.

Assessment is 45 mins – treatment sessions are 30 mins

Only after an assessment will I be able to give a more specific idea of numbers of sessions you would require. It depends on the degree and severity of the injury and how long ago the injury occured.

• Single handed practice so you will always see the same physio i.e. Sarah
• 25 years experience
• 19 yrs of own private practice
• Good listening skills (see my testimonials)
• Local easy parking

Usually within 2-3 days of the initial contact if not earlier.