Following an initial assessment to diagnose the cause and type of injury, I will then prescribe a course of treatment, utilising a wide range of techniques.

Acute injury treatment of all injury types

After diagnosing the injury type, the acute phase of injury can be treated. A wide variety of treatment can be utilised including soft tissue techniques, swelling reduction, pain relief, manipulation and mobilisation of joints, taping of joints and injured tissues, and exercise techniques to treat the pain as well as to prevent the injury from reoccurring. Advice is always given to patients about rest/ice/elevation and joint protection with walking aids provided if necessary.

Rehabilitation following sporting injury

My aim is to get my clients back to their optimum fitness and well-being through a speedy recovery as safely and effectively as possible, which is known as physiotherapy rehabilitation. This involves ensuring that clients are able to carry on with their normal lives and day to day activities as soon as possible. Rehabilitation treatment sets short term and long term goals for each individual patient to ensure that they do not have to suffer with the same condition again. Specific chosen exercises are given to regain strength and stamina to return to sport.

Sports Massage

Regardless of your sporting capability, here at North Leeds Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre, I am keen to help with injury prevention too. I am able to help to ease any pain, relieve tension, and locate any points of tension and pain. Having sports massage can be effective for improving your performance in your chosen sport.
Massage isn’t strictly for athletes either, as it can also be used to relieve tension from other activities, such as poor posture at a desk, gardening, driving and general lifting and carrying. This massage can help with all kinds of ailments caused through the daily activities of living a busy life.


Pilates is a great form of healthy exercise suitable for most people of any age, fitness and ability. It is designed to improve flexibility , core strength and tone of muscles in and around the spine,balance and co-ordination.
I have completed all the APPI Modified Matwork Pilates courses and have been teaching regular classes to both beginners and intermediate levels. A health form is required to attend for insurance purposes and to ensure suitability.
Find out more about my Pilates classes here.