Pilates is a great form of healthy exercise suitable for most people of any age, fitness and ability. It is designed to improve flexibility, core strength and tone of muscles in and around the spine and in turn improves balance and co-ordination.
I have completed all the APPI Modified Matwork Pilates courses and have been teaching regular classes to both beginners and intermediate levels. A health form is required to attend for insurance purposes and to ensure suitability.

The Classes

There are 9 classes a week held at The Stables, Back Church Lane, Adel, LS16 at varying times of the day (both daytime and evening).
Sessions are hourly and are in a group of no more than 9 people so I can identify problems and adapt them accordingly.
All equipment is provided.
Attendees sign up to a half term block of lessons charged at £8.00 per lesson.
Current classes run on the following days/times (subject to availability):

MONDAY  9:30am  10:30am  11:30am  6:45pm   7:45pm

THURSDAY  12:45pm   1:45pm   5:00pm   6:00pm


New classes may also be considered in the future.